Virtual Ejari for License in Dubai the Easy Way


Getting a virtual Ejari for your license might seem daunting, but you can simplify it. This guide for a virtual office Ejari for a Dubai license will teach you all about virtual Ejari and show you how to get a virtual Ejari for a Dubai license quickly and easily.

Understand What Virtual Ejari Is and Why You Need It.

Before obtaining a virtual ejari for your license, it’s important to understand what ejari is and why you need it. The UAE regulates real estate through ejari, an online registration platform. Businesses, individuals, and organizations use ejari to obtain a trade license or tenancy contract online. With a virtual ejari, you can prove your legal business presence in the UAE and register lease contracts with the Dubai Land Department.

Gather the Necessary Documents for virtual ejari for Dubai license renewal.

Before getting a virtual ejari for your license, you need to collect all the necessary documentation. These include a valid Emirates ID, a color copy of the passport, national identification, or other documents that prove identity and nationality. Additionally, if you are using real estate brokers or agents, they will require a brokerage agreement featuring their name and signature. Once you have all these documents, you can move on to the next step for applying for Virtual Ejari for a License in Dubai.

Upload your Documents for Verification of ejari for license renewal.

You need to upload all the necessary documents required for identity and address proof to apply for an office ejari virtual. Once you upload the documents, you can then proceed to fill out the application form with all your details. After successfully applying and making the payment, you will receive your virtual ejari for your license within minutes!

Receive Your Verified Virtual Ejari Certificate or Tenancy Contract from IBC Dubai.

You need a virtual ejari to obtain your license renewal or new registration from DED in Dubai. With our verified Ejari service, you can get an e-copy of the Ejari certificate for the tenancy contract or a photocopy of your tenancy contract or license immediately after applying online. We also help you get a virtual office ejari in Dubai and assist with any other required documentation during the process, ensuring you have all the documents ready for submission on time.

DED New License or Business License Renewal for Dubai Mainland!

IBC Dubai’s virtual ejari is much faster than the traditional EJARI registration process and takes only a few minutes of your time. With our digital tenancy contract, you will have all the information needed for other government or private sector document submissions, as ejari is accepted across various departments, including DED, Dubai Municipality, and the Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA). IBC’s experienced team supports you in all phases of document preparations for virtual ejari Dubai license and certificate registrations. So, if you want to renew your business license hassle-free, relax and leave it to us!
We offer an Ejari Office Contract for one year in Dubai. The price for an Ejari Tenancy Contract for a virtual ejari for a new license varies from AED 2800-5000+, depending on customer requirements for the Office Contract.


Virtual Ejari – Fast and Easy Dubai License Processing:

Get your Dubai license processed in just 60 minutes with Virtual Ejari. Experience hassle-free virtual office solutions for your business.

Virtual Ejari in Dubai – License Processing in 60 Minutes | Virtual Office Services

Get your Dubai license processed in just 60 minutes with Virtual Ejari. Our virtual office services provide efficient and hassle-free solutions for your business needs.

Virtual Ejari – Virtual Office Ejari in the UAE | Multiple Locations

Get your Dubai license processed with our virtual office Ejari services. We offer inspections and multiple locations for your convenience.

Virtual Ejari – Multiple Locations in Dubai | UAE License Processing

Get your UAE license processing done with Virtual Ejari in multiple locations across Dubai. Hassle-free and convenient virtual office solutions.

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